Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonder Pets with a "Kick"

David doesn't have any ninja turtles. We have just never bought any, didn't think he was interested. But his cousins have them. His cousin, M, was over a few days ago and left one of his belts for one of his ninja turtles. A couple of nights ago, Cecil went in to help David pick up his room. A few minutes later, he came looking for me and showed me this:

David had taken the ninja turtle belt and put it around Tuck to make his own ninja turtle. This struck me as completely hilarious, and incredibly resourceful. It was priceless. I think he will probably be getting a few ninja turtles for his birthday in a few months. So poor Tuck can go back to being the sweet, nonviolent saver of the baby animals.

1 Sweet Comments:

  1. That is hysterical and oh so cute! I have a feeling you'll be telling this story for years to come!