Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bliss (if only for a second)

As a mother, you get excited about so many things. Like finally sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time, all those exciting "firsts" and milestones, getting just a couple of hours alone with your hubby, getting just a few seconds alone with yourself. As a mother of four, there is something else I get really excited about. It's like Christmas, it doesn't come very often, maybe even less often than Christmas in this household. There is a lot of work and stress leading up to this blissful event, but the sight of it, much like the sight of little faces on Christmas morning, makes all the hard work worth it. What is this event that I speak of?

That glorious day when ALL the laundry get done and you are left with EMPTY laundry bins.

It really is a wonderful feeling. This time Cecil helped get it all done....okay he did pretty much all of it. So it was even more wonderful.

But, just like Christmas, it doesn't last long, the joy soon dissipates with the first bath of the night, or the first spill at dinner time, or the next time the girls decide to change their outfits. But man, it's awesome while it lasts!


In our house, we are very careful of what our kids see and hear. I know that it only takes one word or image to be stuck in your head and heart forever. We try diligently to guard our children's hearts against unwholesome things until that day when it is their duty to guard their own hearts and minds. I am thrilled that in my home the "S" word is "stupid" or "shut-up", the "H" word is "hate" and the "D" word is "dumb". I know some households use these words relatively freely, but not here. I am happy that when my kids hear one of these words, it stings their ears, much like some of the uglier, more profane words sting my ears.

Are my children sheltered? Yes.

Do I regret it? Not for a second.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Special Moment with a One-Eyed Penguin

Ahhh, Christmas Break, the time in the middle of the school year when I get to be a stay-at-home mom for two weeks. I have taken time to finish making Christmas presents and to get the house in order after the first 4 months of school and the Christmas festivities. I have read one book and started another, had a lazy pj day, and a wonderful relaxing day with my sister at the spa. But Ava (1) just gave me a subtle little reminder of why I really love these two weeks off.

I was on the computer looking for some inspiration for a cake to make and she toddled up to me with a one-eyed stuffed penguin and a Beatrix Potter boardbook wanting me to read to her. I don't think she has ever sat still long enough to hear an entire story. But this time she did. Before I was done, her sweet little head began to bob. I noticed that her eyes were slowly beginning to close. By the end of the story, she was sound asleep in my arms still clutching her one-eyed friend.

I know it's simple. I know that babies fall asleep in their mothers' arms all the time. But it's so very special to me. I know I miss so many of these opportunities when I am at work, which is why I cherish every one that I am here for.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Working Mom Wednesday

I'm participating in Julia's blog carnival over at Sweet As Punkin Pie.

Question: Have you ever or would you ever call in "sick" if you weren't really sick? (whether it's your job or to another function that you were supposed to attend). Did you get "caught"?

I don't think I have ever called in sick when I wasn't really sick. Unless you count the cashier job I had when I was in high school. The irony (that I'm not so proud of) is that I called in sick so I could go to church camp with my youth group. I'm not counting that though, since I would never do such a thing now. I absolutely hate to miss work now. And considering that my mom is the principal at the school where I teach, I think my secret would be out pretty quickly.

Have a great day, friends!