Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whole New Bloggy World

Lately I've been visiting a few style blogs. I never set out searching for style blogs, I just stumbled across some on accident and realized that I really enjoy reading them. I've always enjoyed getting dressed and putting outfits together and accessorizing. But never really gave it all much thought. I just threw on whatever was in my closet, whatever I had time for, whatever was clean (or had one more wear in it before I HAD to wash it) and was out the door. Who would have thought that there was an entire bloggy world out there dedicated to normal everyday people and the clothes they wear. I'm loving it! Like my husband said this morning, "There are blogs out there for everyone, baby". I think he's right. Yes, we chat about blogs and he acts like he cares because he's so awesome like that! I also chat about LOTRO and act like I care listen very intently, hanging on every word. Love ya, honey!

And because I want all two of you to find happiness and fulfillment like I have, I'm sharing two blogs that I love right now:

La Vie Petite was, I think, the first one I stumbled across. Isn't she so stinkin cute!

Then I ran into Kendi Everyday. I love her pictures! Maybe one day, I'll venture out of my bathroom for some shots. But it does help that her photographer husband takes all her pictures. All I have is my tripod. Oh Well :(

What's so great about both of these girls is that neither of them spend a lot of money on their clothes and they frequent thrift stores where they pick up lots of great finds.

Which is one reason that I'm so proud of this outfit. The whole thing was thrifted! Does it look like it?? I don't think so, either.

I know, I seriously need to do something about the
floors and wall color in my bathroom.
I'm working on it! I have been working
on it for years one tiny step at a time!

Shirt: Goodwill, Jacket: Goodwill, Pants: Goodwill, Shoes: Passed to me by my sister-in-law. Jewelry: not thrifted but I did purchase it all with my 50% jeweler discount from Premier Designs. I used to sell Premier and racked up on some great pieces.

I went in to Goodwill to look for two specific shirts (both of which I found). But I found so much more and I just couldn't stop. A lot of what I found was name brand and looked fairly new. The jacket above is Ann Taylor. I also scored some Gap pieces and some stuff from The Limited.
We are seriously deficient in thrift stores around here, unless there are some I don't know about. But there is one other one that I want to try. One day when I can go sans kiddos!>

Happy blogging everyone!

as a side note: I was so excited to learn to strikethrough text. but that clever little LOTRO comment just wasted 30 minutes of my life because I somehow "struckthrough" the entire post. There were like 50 of those marks dispersed though out my post that I had to delete. since i really know nothing about html, i have no idea how or why it happened but SHEESH! AHHH! there they are again! I give up!

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  1. You look absolutely adorable :o) btw I love the heels... check out my daughter's post at:

    They are a little pricey, but if the rest of the ensemble is made from thrifty threads, perhaps sacrificing for comfort isn't such a bad thing... right??

    On that note, I think I'll settle for my cute little flats, tennies, and flip flops!

    Thanks for being my buddy!


  2. Great outfit. Love it.

  3. Welcome to the partay! I like it!

  4. Great outfit! I linked up with WIWW this week too and it's a first for me. It was a little weird taking pictures of myself, but today has been fun. Most of my outfits were thrifted too. Isn't it great that we can make an awesome outfit for nearly nothing?

  5. Hi there! Visiting you from Pleated Poppy. I'm your newest follower! I'm really loving your outfit! I put my first WIW out there last week. I'm not really into fashion either but have really come out of my shell lately reading all the blogs out there.
    You can find me here:
    Hope you'll do me the honors of following me too :) xx

  6. Simple yet chic outfit, you look wonderful!

  7. Welcome to WIWW! I stumbled upon style blogs by accident too, and fell in love :) Especially with the two you mentioned above. Great first outfit - and way to be thrifty!