Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chasity checked in at.....

That is something you will likely never see on my facebook status. I. Just.Don't.Get.It. No offense to anyone who does it. But I do have to admit that I roll my eyes and give a sarcastic chuckle when I see that someone has checked in somewhere.

Notice that people only "check in" at cool, trendy places. Starbucks, posh boutiques, unique eateries, etc.
As a joke, my husband and I have considered driving around town to "check in" at some of the most unglamorous, uncharacteristic places. Can you just see it? Chasity checked in at Goodwill, or the local bar, or the local "adult" store... Except that maybe my church family and Christian school parents may look down on that, joke or not. I think it's funny nonetheless.

*Not that there is anything wrong with Goodwill, just not so glamorous*

And then there are those who check in and tag every one that they are there with as if they all wanted the world of Facebook to know where they are. Yep, I roll my eyes and chuckle.

And don't even get me started on those who check in "at home".

I have considered deleting my Facebook account because it's a huge distraction and also just for the silliness of it all. As if the world cares about every event of my day.

Facebook....It's a strange, strange creature.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Real Meaning of Easter...in the kitchen

Since it is Good Friday, the kids and I got into the kitchen to make some special treats. We made Resurrection Rolls. This is such a great way to talk with your kids about what Jesus did for us on the cross and about the miracle of his resurrection and what this all means for us as believers. My kids loved it! And they were pretty yummy, too!

Here's what ya need:

Crescent Rolls

Regular sized marshmallows

Melted Butter

Cinnamon and Sugar mixture

Explain to them that the marshmallow represents Jesus. I also explained why Jesus died on the cross...for our sins, so that we can live with Him one day. I actually just prompted and they told the story.
Roll the marshmallow in the butter and then in the cinnamon/sugar mixture. This represents how his body was prepared for burial with oils and spices.

Jesus's body was then wrapped in cloths before He was put in the tomb. Wrap your marshmallow in the crescent roll and be sure to seal up the ends really well, or the marshmallow will ooze out and create a gooey mess. Not that I know that from experience or anything.

Put them in the oven and bake according to the instructions on the crescent rolls. We pretended that we were leaving them in for three days.

And what did they find in the tomb on the third day?? Nothing, the tomb was empty!

Have a Blessed Holiday and please remember the real reason that we celebrate.

God Bless


Today, I'm linking up with Mama M. at My Little Life for 5 Question Friday. Hop over and say Hello!

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?

Of course, I love the egg hunts for the kids, but my favorite Easter tradition is pokkings(sp?) eggs. My grandpa taught us to pok eggs when we were little and we have done it every year since. Now my kids do it, as well.

Oh, you want to know how you go about pokking an egg?

Well, it's very simple. Two people each hold an egg in their hands with the end showing. Then one person taps the other's egg. The egg that breaks is the loser.

My sis and Alyssa pokking when she was just a weee little girl.

2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person? LOOOOONNGG, HOT bath! Yes, I know the whole, "how can you sit in dirty water" reasoning. But I don't care...I LOVE baths!

3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it? Yes, I can, given perfect circumstances. I mean, there has to be just the right amount of space between two cars, there can't be anyone waiting on me and there can't be anyone in the car distracting me. It stresses me out and I'll just move on to another spot.

I don't remember the last time I did it...but I remember the first time I tried.

I was 15, yep...just a baby! just gotten my license a few months before. My mom, dad and I were going to see a family member in the hospital...in New Orleans. I was driving. And my dad, wanting the best possible spot, points out and empty spot on the side of a very busy street.

It didn't go well...He was fussing, I was crying, Mom was in the back shushing him. I gave up, we switched places and he parked.
4. What is your favorite Easter candy?

Mini Cadbury Eggs or Robin Eggs. I love all Easter candy though! It just tastes different than all other candy. I don't care what anybody says, Easter M&M's taste different than regular M&M's.
5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?

I have, honestly, never mentioned the Easter Bunny to my kids. I don't guess we are particularly against the furry fella but it has always seemed a bit silly to me, even as a kid. I mean, c'mon...plump guy in a sleigh shimmying down chimneys...totally possible. Oversize bunny giving out eggs...not so much!

All my kids are 100% familiar with the real reason of Easter. This week my two-year old has told me the story of how Jesus died on the cross for our sins many times.

Have a Blessed Good Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time for a Change

I don't know if you can tell, but there have been a couple of changes around here! Hard not to notice right? I felt it was time to go in a different direction with my blog. And I'm really happy with the results.

So what's this all about?

Well, I'm glad you asked...

We all know that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. In life we are given lots of medicine, but we are also given lots of sugar, hopefully more sugar than medicine. That sugar comes in many forms, our spouses, children, things we enjoy doing, etc. And my spoon is overflowing! I hope to blog more about the sweets in my life and those little things that help make the days a little brighter.

Does that mean I won't also blog about the "medicine" in life? Nope, it's all about being real. I'll let ya know when I'm having a not-so-good day, just because everyone has them and it's a little comforting to know that someone else out there has to fish through piles and piles and piles of laundry to find their kids' socks or has to dust their feet off before putting their shoes on because it's been one of those weeks when you can't even find the time to sweep.

What's that? You've never had to do that?? Sure ya haven't...

I'm still working on my new blog and I have some neat things planned for the future. So I hope you will come back to visit me.