Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bliss (if only for a second)

As a mother, you get excited about so many things. Like finally sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time, all those exciting "firsts" and milestones, getting just a couple of hours alone with your hubby, getting just a few seconds alone with yourself. As a mother of four, there is something else I get really excited about. It's like Christmas, it doesn't come very often, maybe even less often than Christmas in this household. There is a lot of work and stress leading up to this blissful event, but the sight of it, much like the sight of little faces on Christmas morning, makes all the hard work worth it. What is this event that I speak of?

That glorious day when ALL the laundry get done and you are left with EMPTY laundry bins.

It really is a wonderful feeling. This time Cecil helped get it all done....okay he did pretty much all of it. So it was even more wonderful.

But, just like Christmas, it doesn't last long, the joy soon dissipates with the first bath of the night, or the first spill at dinner time, or the next time the girls decide to change their outfits. But man, it's awesome while it lasts!

3 Sweet Comments:

  1. wow, congratulations!! This is a once a year event at my house...it rarely ever happens!

  2. Wow! Impressive! I think thats happened maybe twice since our youngest was born. :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I also have 4 kids and work full time, and laundry is a never-ending process at our house!