Sunday, January 17, 2010


I took Lylah Grace to Walmart by herself yesterday to pick out a birthday gift for a friend from her class. I really do enjoy time with each of my kids by themselves. They are such different little people on their own. They come up with some poignant questions and statements when they don't have to compete with three others for attention.

Lylah Grace: Mommy, I can't get out of the van, you have the childlock on.

Me: Okay, I'm coming around to let you out.

Lylah Grace: Mommy, how does the van know when a child opens the door, and when a grown- up opens the door? How does it know, it doesn't have a brain?!

This morning as we walked in from church, I put the ever-present Wal-mart bags down on the counter as David asked for something to drink.

Me: Okay, but let Mommy go potty first.

David: Can I come with you?

Me: Well, I really don't think you need to come with me while I potty.

David: (as he walks into the bathroom and so politely closes the door behind him)
But I need to tell you something really cool!

Me: What is it, honey?

David: That Jesus love me!

Me: He sure does, and so does Mommy!

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