Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shred Day 4

I got home from work yesterday, cooked supper, fed the kids then Shredded for the 4th day in a row. It was actually very easy yesterday. I can actually say that yesterday I enjoyed my workout. I even taunted Jillian a little because I wasn't tired, and I was feeling really good. I have a feeling, though, that I will regret the taunting later on, because I'm sure she got some good stuff in store for me in Level 2. I still haven't even watched Level 2. I'm happy right now being comfortable in Level 1, for a few more days anyway. Cecil wants me to wait until day 10 to move on but I'm not sure yet what I will do.

What I ate:
Skipped breakfast (I woke up about 6 minutes before I normally leave the house)

1 graham cracker

One Soft Taco with meat and cheese (210 cal so not too bad)

Chocolate pudding w/ 1/2 graham cracker

Baby portion of mashed potatoes
1/2 hamburger steak

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