Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just some thoughts

It's been a while....I'm sure you all (all two of you) have been waiting on pins and needles to read my next post. Just kidding!

I've had things happen and choices to make that just wouldn't let me sit down and write. My mind has been occupied with negativity and confusion and hurt and that'sjust not what I want to spew on my blog. I've spent a lot of time and prayer and my mind and my heart is a bit clearer and happier.

With that said, I've been reevaluating, ok, really just thinking about why I started this blog. I know some start blogging as a means of keeping family members up to date on happenings. Some start blogging as a type of scrapbook to keep a record of their children's growth and milestones. Some start because they have something they want to tell the world, they feel they have something to say that could help, inspire, or motivate someone else. And many, many more reasons. All of these reasons are really good reasons, no one can tell you why or how you should blog. However, I'm struggling to know where I fit in.

My ideal blog would be full of inspirational, motivational, and instructional words of wisdom. However, sometimes when I sit down to write I struggle with being to open, as I am a pretty private, reserved person. I can't seem to find the line of what I feel comfortable posting for privacy's sake and what may be beneficial to someone else at the risk of feeling a little uncomfortable. So I resort to writing about my kids and family, which I am thrilled that I do when I look back over the last year of this blog. However, as we reach one year I am wanting to deepen the scope of the material I write about.

I guess we'll see what happens. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

2 Sweet Comments:

  1. I am with you totally - I have not written since January - I am not sure where I "fit" either - so I took another stab at it again today - urged on by a friend of mine. I have many directions - I have 3 kids, need to loose weight, struggle with my relationship with God - so many platforms - not sure what to write about..but I do know that when I write it our I feel like a weight is lifted. Keep it up!

  2. I blog for several reasons and I keep thinking, "I really need to settle on one topic" but it never happens. Never. I may complain about being fat on Tuesday, rave about a book on Thursday and talk about diabetes on Saturday. Once I gave myself permission to just blog anything I wanted, I felt better and realized I could get a lot of a blog (it's my sounding board - just typing things out clears my head.) So...I started a new blog without my personal information and have enjoyed every minute!

    Enjoy whatever you blog and let it be whatever you feel like the blog should be that day :)