Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Little Vacation

Last month we took a trip up to Kentucky to visit my sister, Alicia, her husband, Dewayne, and their four kids. It was a looong 14 hour drive. But all four of the littles were fantastic on the drive. We left in the wee hours of the morning so that they could sleep for a few hours. Note to self: If you want them to sleep, do not put the DVD player on for them. They didn't end up going back to sleep until after lunch. I think they were so amazed that they could watch a movie in the van that they didn't want to sleep and miss it. We had borrowed the DVD player from someone and don't usually have one in the vehicle.

When we got there that evening, we caught fireflies in peanut butter jars. We just thought this was the greatest thing since we don't really see them down here in the swamp. Maybe our giant mosquitoes eat them up, j/k. Anyway, for the kids, this may have been the most exciting part of the trip.

The next morning, we got to watch Alicia's oldest daughter play softball. It was steaming hot that day at the ballpark, but still not as hot as it was down here with a heat index of 106. We had a great time, but the heat zapped everybody, so we went back to her house and just hung out for the rest of the day. Oh, and had some of the very best Fetuccini Alfredo ever. Better than Olive Garden, I'm tellin' ya.

On our last day there, we traveled to Cumberland Falls.
Now, Alicia has some of the most pleasant, respectful, helpful kids you'll ever meet. Case in point: The drive to Cumberland Falls is full of twists and turns, and winds up into the mountains. Completely miserable if you are one who gets carsick. Thankfully, I'm not nor are any of my kids. However, on the way, Alicia, who was riding with me behind the rest of her family, stated that at least one of her children always get sick on the way to the Falls. Sure enough, when we parked we saw Dewayne jump out of the front seat, hurriedly open the back door and throw out Zach's baseball cap. He had taken it off when Hayden started throwing up, so he wouldn't throw up in the car. They really, really are great kids.

We spent a few hours posing,


and slurping.

We then headed to the Great American Balloon Race. I had never seen a hot air balloon in person, but they were really neat. I would love to take a ride in a balloon. I think I'll do some research to find out where we might go to ride in a hot air balloon.

** and for some reason blogger won't let me upload anymore pictures**

The next day, we headed out on the long drive home. The kids cried because they didn't want to leave, but all in all the trip was great! Thanks, Alicia!

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  1. I actually had tears in my eyes reading your blog post. LOL We had such a great time with you guys visiting and cant wait to do it again. We miss all you so much living so far away but it makes the time we do get to spend together all that more special.
    Hayden still talks about catching the fireflies and wants to catch them every night now. :)
    Oh and we still owe Zach a new baseball cap...hehehe. We all have some pretty awesome kiddos!!
    Love you