Thursday, July 22, 2010

School Dream

Had a dream last night about the beginning of school.

It was morning time, we were all rushing around the house (rushing is probably an understatement). Lunches to pack, couldn't find my clothes, much less all the kids' clothes. Cecil was trying to help, I was crying. School bus showed up, we missed it. (The kids don't actually ride the school bus, but I guess it just added more stress to my dream).

Next morning, same thing. Something spills on my clothes. School bus arrives, David has no shoes or socks on, can't find his shoes. So I just send him in socks, girl socks no less. I broke down, literally sobbing that I can't do this.

I was up at 2:30 am with my stomach in knots because of this dream. I know that the beginning of school is no big deal, really. But wondering what this all means. I really feel anxious this year, although not as anxious as my dream. Not sure why.

2 Sweet Comments:

  1. I have the exact same anxieties. In fact, we did 6 weeks of school in the spring (after homeschooling for a few years) and the mornings were so much harder than I realized. A limited amount of time and an 8 year old just don't fit. And my daughter starts school this year. She's diabetic and I'm a nervous wreck.

    You aren't alone. This time next month and I'll be a basketcase!


  2. Great to meet you! You're a woman after my own heart and kindred spirit. God bless! I have just written a book for working moms who are passionate about their kids and look forward to connecting further.