Monday, July 12, 2010

The Day I Learned about Procrastination...the Hard Way

School uniforms are bought. Supplies will be purchased in the next few days. We are already nearly halfway through July! Where, Oh Where did the summer go. I have been having this anxious, pressing feeling that I need to get everything done so that I'm not waiting until the last minute. It feels a bit like nesting. Except of course, I'm not getting that sweet-smelling, cuddly newborn out of the deal, I'm getting a classroom full of third graders. Some of which may be sweet-smelling and cuddly.

I get this way every year right before school starts. It all started the year Alyssa started Kindergarten. Well, of course it did! That was our first year of having anybody in school. But really, some significant event happened that day (night before actually) that she started school. That always causes me to feel like I really need to get our affairs in order so to speak. And anybody who knows me knows I am a habitual procrastinator. But this particular time it bit me in the backside.

Cecil was in Iraq. He had been away for just about a year and a half. Our baby was starting her very first day of Kindergarten. We were both excited and nervous. I couldn't wait to walk her to her classroom in her adorable plaid jumper, with her long golden hair pulled back in a sweet little bow. I would kiss her goodbye and in complete Alyssa fashion, she would say, "Bye, Mommy" and be off to make tons of new friends. She is our social butterfly.

A few days before I had flown to New Mexico with my sister who was in a wedding and needed help with her toddler and infant. And I, well to tell you the truth, I needed a vacation and the plane ride was free, so I jumped on that opportunity. Well, the entire time I was there, something just didn't feel right. I felt nauseated and could hardly eat. But I chalked it up to being very nervous about being so far away from home. I had the horrible images of Army officers showing up at my door to tell me something had happened to Cecil and I would be across the country and they wouldn't be able to find me. I was a tad neurotic during deployment.

Anyway, we returned just in time for me to go to the orientation meeting at Alyssa's school on the Sunday before she started school on Monday. I had to pull over in a parking lot because I felt so horrible and was in so much pain. But I knew I had so much to do so I drove home, picked up the girls from my sister and then went to buy school supplies, school shoes, school bag etc. Yep, it was Sunday, she started school the next day and I needed to get all the necessities.

Got to Shoe Dept. Picked out a cute pair of white leather Keds. Then it hit me as I was in the check-out line. I was sweating, could hardly stand up. Literally could have laid on the floor right there and cried. I got the kids out to the car, I was in so much pain. I called my mom on the way home and asked her to meet me at home because I needed to go to the hospital. She knew it was serious, because A) I'm not one to ask for help much and B) I'm certainly not one to admit that I need to go to the hospital. Honestly, I knew long before that I should have gone, but I was NOT going in and have them tell me it was gas or something. But this....this was not gas. Of that I was now sure.

She and my dad arrived to find me crying in my bed. Dad carried me to their vehicle. My sister stayed with the girls and asked me where Alyssa's stuff for school was. I started crying even more and said that I hadn't gotten it yet. I felt awful for waiting so long to get what she needed. And now I'm having to rely on someone else to do it for me. Hated it.

I figured I'd be home later that night and would bring her to school the next morning.
Not So. I ended up having an appendectomy that night and staying in the hospital for a week after fighting off gangrene that had set up in my appendix. Turns out I was only alive because it was abscessed and the infection hadn't spread throughout my body. So, I missed my baby's first day of kindergarten. Thankfully, Nana and Papa were there to fill my shoes. Oh, and Cecil did get to return a couple of weeks earlier than scheduled because of the whole situation. So, I guess it wasn't all bad.

But just in case, some other medical emergency arises, I feel like I must get all this done ASAP. I have about three weeks left, I better get busy.

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