Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let the Cleaning begin...

I started Spring Cleaning today. To be honest, I'm never sure where to start when I'm spring cleaning. Or even what to do when I spring clean. I just know it's something I'm supposed to do. But who is really going to notice if I vacuum all my ceilings and walls, really?? Anyway, vacuum I did. So far I have completed my living room and foyer....walls, ceilings, fan, under couch cushions, vacuumed shades, cleaned out fireplace, dusted every surface, cleaned all glass, organized DVD's, vacuumed and cleaned floors. So, if you happen to visit me anytime soon, please say something to the effect of, "Wow, your house really looks so much cleaner", so that I will feel like this was all worth my time.

How about you? Have you complete your spring cleaning? Do you plan to? What tasks to you aim to complete while cleaning?

1 Sweet Comments:

  1. Yep, did spring cleaning that last 3 weekends. I have to break it up with my outside stuff too, mostly because I need the sunshine to recharge! :-) It was a horribly long winter...
    I didn't know we were suppose to vacuum the walls.. humm, ok maybe next weekend. lol
    Great blog! Following and will be back soon!
    Have a Very Happy Easter!