Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm back!

Okay, so I haven't been blogging much in the past three weeks. I don't really have any good excuse except that I just really haven't taken the time to sit down a write anything. But I'm back now!
Let me just go ahead and get this out of the way. I'm a big fat quitter. Well, I'm not really all that fat, but I am a quitter. After all that hard work and those great results with Jillian, I quit. Again, no good excuse. Except that I got tired, the house got messy, and I hurt my back. I really, really hate admitting that I did not finish the 30 days, but I have decided not to beat myself up about it. I'm moving on. I will start doing the Shred again, but I probably won't stick to it for 30 days and I probably won't do it consistently every day. There you see low won't be let down if your expectations are low.

I will be posting more soon...So come back and visit me.

1 Sweet Comments:

  1. LOL Chas, I'm sure you did better then me!!! I know I found out I was pregnant but I promise you I would not have stuck with it either!! It seems that no matter what workout video I start at home I can't seem to continue longer then 2 weeks. Now I have to tell you getting up and going to the gym is much better for me, I don't know why but it is. I think you look great anyway so you don't need to workout video!! I know you stay busy taking care of the kids and your house that is a good enough workout!!