Saturday, January 14, 2012

Does God Care About Football?

It's hard not to hear about Tim Tebow and his clutch wins these days.  I don't watch sports a whole lot, and I certainly don't sit down to watch the commentaries or analyses of the games of the week.  But I still hear the sports personalities commenting on Tim Tebow and wondering how he pulled off the win this week.  He wasn't a first-round draft pick...he didn't even go to the draft ceremony, you know, like all the really great players do.  But from before the draft, when some of his story was coming to light, he has been my new favorite player-aside from Drew Brees, who is also a man of God. (See a great interview with him here.)

Tebow has made it clear, every chance he gets that he is a Christian and loves the Lord.  From the pro-life commercial that he and his mom made, to his thanking his Savior during and after each game, to the way he handles the ridicule he received from those in the media and his fellow players.  He is living out what he believes on a very big stage and has, thus far, remained faithful.

A question that I hear over and over is, "Does God really care about football? Does God really care whether Tim Tebow wins his game on Sunday?" 


Is it because He's a Broncos fan and wants nothing more than to see the Broncos take home the Lombardi? Nope.  It's because Tim Tebow is His child, His obedient, faithful child.  He is faithfully allowing himself to be used by God to further His kingdom.  Not that God needs a platform, but Tebow is in a position to reach a lot of people for Christ.  And people are noticing, talking and wondering...about God, and what it is that Tim Tebow has that they don't.  And isn't that what we are all called to do.  Very few of us will ever be on Tim's mission field, but we are all called to be witnesses for Him, to be obedient, to be used for the glory of GOD.

Furthermore, I wake up in the morning, knowing that my God cares about every mundane detail of my life.  He loves me that much!  I am not unimportant to Him!  So why, why would I presume that just because another of God's precious children happens to be a quarterback, that God doesn't care about his life, or his career?  You see, it's not that God is a football fan, or a Broncos fan....He's a Tim Tebow fan. Just like He's my biggest fan and He's your biggest fan.  He LOVES us.  He wants us to include Him in all the details of life.  But more than that, He wants to be the center of our lives.  God has a perfect plan for all of our lives.  He has laid out every day, every detail of our lives.  And I believe that he has laid out the path that Tim Tebow's career and, in effect, his life will take.  That means that his wins/losses, yards gained, fumbles and interceptions are not out of God's grip or outside of God's interest.  With that said, does it mean that if Tim Tebow does not win the Super Bowl, that God has stopped caring? No, it's just another piece of the intricate puzzle of Tebow's life that God is perfectly weaving together.  I think Tim would agree.

Whatever you do, do it for His glory.  Whether you are a minister, a janitor, a teacher, or an NFL quarterback.

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