Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lion Slayer

So, David has been learning the Bible story of David and Goliath, and apparently how David also killed a lion.

Daddy: David, we have to put change your pants, those don't fit you.

David: No...

Daddy: Yes, you are not wearing those pants.

David: You not boss o me!

Mommy: David, look at Mommy (in a serious, no games voice). Daddy is the boss and you have to do what he tells you to do. You must be obedient.

David: (with a matter-of-fact tone and expression) I killed a lion...I killed a lion with a rock.

Mommy: (looks at Daddy, holds back laughter) You may have, but Daddy is still your boss.

It's so reassuring that he is retaining the information he learns at school.

2 Sweet Comments:

  1. HAHA!!! I love it. We've had an extra dose of funny comments around here too. I keep telling myself that I need to write them down before I forget...

  2. I know, I used to carry a little notebook around with me saying that when those little comments were made, I would just jot them down.