Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Shredding

Note: The below entry was actually written a couple months ago. I found it when cleaning out some unpublished drafts. And realized that I still haven't fully committed to doing anything about it. So this is my commitment. I am going to complete the 30-day Shred, and watch what I eat. I will be posting updates here about my workouts and diet for accountability. It's now or never.

Everyone has a weight or size that they feel their best at. And that is not the same for everyone. So when I got on the scale and saw a number that I hadn't seen since one week postpartum for my last baby (8 1/2 months with the first baby), I knew that I had to do something. It's not about the "number" on the scale really. It's more about what the number represents, as it is not a huge number. But over the months, past couple of years, I have stopped working out, stopped trying to eat right, except for a few ill-timed attempts...ahem, the raw food diet that I started on the first day of school that just left me completely exhausted. I have really stopped taking care of myself. So it's not really about weight, its about health, about my health now and my health when I am 50.
Bob Barker, when he found out that he had skin cancer, said that it was a result of "misspent youth". I don't want to have to claim that when I am his age.

So this weekend when I got off the scale, I had a moment and I cried and I beat myself up and I moaned and groaned about how I don't have enough time to exercise. Then my loving husband came to my rescue. And told me in that encouraging way of his, to make a list of the things that I feel will not get done if I take 30 min-an hour out of my day to exercise, and he will do them for me.

The past two days, I have come home from work and exercised. I jogged a mile and walked a mile on Monday, then I jogged/walked again on Tuesday. Today is also day three with no Dr. Pepper. I am determined to make myself healthier.
Cecil says that everytime I do this, it is all or nothing for me. And he is right. For instance, the raw food diet. I spent oodles of money getting all the right foods to eat then it only lasted one day because it was just too drastic for me.
This time I am just going to try to be sensible about my eating habits. Usually when I start out doing The Firm, I jump in with the 10-pound weights right away and its makes me want to quit. I am not going to deny myself chocolate, I just won't eat it every day, or every break I have at work. I will even allow myself to have a Dr. Pepper every now and then.

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