Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working and Sick Babies

I just got home from the hospital with Ava, she has double pneumonia and spent a night there on IV antibiotics and breathing treatments. They said it probably stemmed from the flu that she had a couple weeks ago. She is really doing great now. We are continuing breathing treatments at home and she should be fine.

You know, I started this post with the intention of writing about the stress that accompanies working and then having to stay home from my job with sick children. Not that I don't want to take care of my sick children, I just don't like having to call in sick to work. But as I wrote, I began to answer, in my head, every complaint that I had and I erased all that I had written. This is somewhat how that mental conversation went, at the risk of sounding completely nuts:

Blog: Having to stay home with sick children is really stressful.
My head: Anytime you have a sick child it is stressful, whether you are working or not.

Blog: I hate having to call my boss and say that I am not coming in. (with four kids that happens a bit more than I would like it to happen)
My head: You are fortunate enough to work for an organization that loves you and your family and completely understands when you have a sick baby at home.

Blog: But I don't like relying on someone else to do my job teaching my students for me.
My head: Your students are in good hands, they will put a great sub in your place. And furthermore, would your rather have someone else doing your job and taking care of your sick baby at home for you? (OUCH!)

Blog: But I feel guilty for not being at work because I have made a commitment and I should be there.
My head: But what about the commitment to your family, doesn't that come first?

You know, there are feelings of guilt, at times, associated with working outside the home. But it sort of comes from two ways when I have to call in sick, yet again. Nevertheless, my heart is at home with my kids and there is never any doubt that they come first. Keeping my priorities in the right order is helping me deal with it all.

This post may sound completely crazy, leave a comment if it does and let me know! Or some of you may be able to relate to this mental exchange with my self, leave me comment and let me know that, too!
Either way, these are the thoughts that weigh heavily on the heart and mind of this "Working Mom with a Stay-at-Home Heart".

Hope you all have a blessed day!


2 Sweet Comments:

  1. Chastity, for the are not in the least crazy! That mental exchange proves you are wise, mature, and grounded. I've been asked the past few weeks to work more as the hospital i work for has been busy & short staffed. I normally only work 2days/wk, but worked 3 1/2 last week. They called me again this week & i had plans with Lauren that i didn't want to change...i hated to say "no" to work, because help is needed. But, family comes first! Glad to hear Ava is doing better. I'm enjoying your site & miss you all! Happy Belated Birthday to the girls!

  2. Thank you, Deb. Good for you for not changing your plans! I have been home with the kids for most of this week and some of last week. I could spend my time fretting about my obligations at work not getting fulfilled, but I have an obligation to my kids first. I will admit that I do at times feel guilty about not being at work, but that is just how it is in this short (hopefully) season of our life.