Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a real quick post to say that this past week went so much better than the first week. I loved coming home knowing that dinner was almost done before I even got in the door. What's better? I still have some stuff in the freezer to use for this week.

I'm turning back to my trusty Flylady Control Journal to try to get a handle on chores and such. If you have never heard of Flylady, you should check out her site. If you have never tried her system, I highly recommend it. It completely changed the way I take care of my house. I have a "Control Journal" with all of our routines and chores in writing (typing).

Here's how it is broken down...this is all on her site and she does a much better job of explaining it:
  • Before Bed Routine
  • Morning Routine
  • Afternoon Routine (things we do right when we get home)
  • Late Afternoon Routine(what we do after homework is done)
  • Evening Routine (begins approx 6:30, when we eat dinner)

  • Weekly Home Blessing Hour List (the only time the whole week that you spend more than 15 minutes at a time cleaning)
  • Weekly Checklist (Those things that need to be done every week ie. Mop, Vacuum, Refrigerator,Dust, etc.)
  • Basic Weekly Plan (This is a plan that outlines on what days I will take care of the chores on the Weekly Checklist)
Then your home is broken down into Zones for all the monthly detailed cleaning (baseboards, window sills, tops of door facings, top of fridge, etc.) You then take one zone per week and do your detailed cleaning(never for more than 15 minutes at a time).

For example, Zone 1 is the Entrance and Office. Some things I have listed on my detailed cleaning list are:
  1. Dust tops of door facings
  2. Clean Switch plates
  3. Clean baseboards
  4. Wipe down door
  5. Clean computer monitor screen
  6. Clean Window
  7. Shred papers that need to be shredded
  8. ETC.
At the end of the month, your house is spotless and gorgeous.....ideally.

I haven't ever gotten EVERYTHING done on my list...but a little is better than nothing. And I keep my papers in sheet protectors and check off the items I did complete with a dry erase marker. The chores that didn't get checked off are the first to be done next month.

I wish I could post my Control Journal here, but unfortunately I don't know how or even if you can attach documents. If you would like to see it, I would be happy to email it.

on a side note: You know how they have Day Sponsors on the radio on Lifesongs? Well on Saturday, the Day Sponsor sponsored in honor of Flylady. She really is great, and so very encouraging!

Have a Blessed, Stress-Free Day!

2 Sweet Comments:

  1. How interesting that you should mention Flylady. I was just thinking this week that she is so right, a smoothly-run home hinges on evening and morning routines. As long as my routines are in place, I seem to be able to handle everything else pretty well. When I don't lay out clothes the night before, do the dishes, or get up on time, it's pretty much a guarantee that my day will be chaos!

  2. It's true for us here too, Stephanie. Our house thrives on routine and structure (structure with a little breathing room).