Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update on David

Thank you all for your prayers yesterday and in the days leading up to David's surgery. The surgery lasted right at 6 and a half hours. At 1:40 the nurse came out to tell us that he was all done and that everything went wonderfully. She said that there wasn't even the tinyiest bump along the way. We then got to go into the conference room to see the surgeon and he told us the same things and that they were trying to get him off the vent before he left the Operating Room(which is awesome for David's situation).
When we got to see him in the PICU he was, in fact, off the vent. He looked great. Doctors were coming in saying, in amazement, that he didn't even look like he had anything done to him. He is on morphine and another medication for pain. He didn't wake up much yesterday except, to mumble for his orange juice, bubbles, and his Daddy. We are hoping he gets to go to a regular room in the next couple of days.

1 Sweet Comments:

  1. Chasity I'm so happy that everything went great!! If you need anything please don't think twice about calling me!! Give David some hugs and kisses for us and tell him Alex says Hi!! I will continue to pray for his recorvery!! Love you!