Thursday, July 9, 2009

David's Journey Part III

When David was about 8 months, they decided it was time to do the second surgery, called a Bi-directional Glenn operation. They would take the Superior Vena Cava-the vein that runs from the top of you body to your heart-and attach it to his pulmonary artery. This time we would have to go the Houston to Texas Children's Hospital since there was no surgeon to perform the surgery at Ochsner.
His surgery was scheduled for July 3, 2007. We checked into the hospital at 2:00 on July 2 for pre-op stuff and stayed at the hospital that night. His surgery was at 7:00 am the next morning. My family came to Houston to be with us. We also had church family who drove all the way to Houston for the 6-hour long surgery.

After a long, exhausting wait, the doctor finally came to tell us that David did wonderfully, and that we could go see him. He looked really good and stayed sedated most of the day. By the next day, he was eating and drinking and even smiling a little. He moved to a regular room on July 5, and then just 4 days after his surgery, he was ready to go home! We could not have planned for things to go any better than they did.

We stayed in Houston for another week until his follow-up appointment, which was also great. Then we were able to go home.

Now, today, we are preparing to leave to go to the hospital for his 3rd and final surgery. Today we do pre-op, tomorrow is the surgery. We just pray that everything will go as well as the first two operations did. This surgery will be at Ochsner, so we get to stay closer to home. But David is older and I think it is going to be harder for him and for us. He doesn't really understand what is going to happen, but we do tell him that the doctor is going to fix his heart. And he's ok with that.

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