Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Miss the Story

David (2yrs) brought home a little bookmark made out of his precious little (but ever-growing) footprint with a cute little poem on the back side of it. It was meant to be hubby's Father's Day present. The little handprint and footprint artwork he brings home from preschool is so very special to me. I just love's like a piece of him immortalized in his project.

Cecil gave me a long hug and David apparently wanted all the hugs for himself. He grabbed the ribbon that was tied to the footprint that Cecil was holding and tore it off, leaving a tear in his precious little foot. I got upset, asking Cecil why he let him tear it apart and resisted the urge to ask David why he had destroyed Daddy's present.

Cecil in his loving, patient, and calming way said, "'It's I have a story behind this present. I was loving my wife and David wanted our attention and tore the foot." That changed my focus immediately and I realized that the foot was still useful as a bookmark, but with an added memory tied to it where the ribbon had once been.

How many times do we miss the story behind the things that go wrong. There are so many times that I don't have my cool, level-headed husband there to help me see the memory that is being made, or more importantly, to help me shape the way the memory is made. It is a constant goal of mine to see things, my actions and reactions especially, the way my children see them and the way they will remember them.

4 Sweet Comments:

  1. Chas, this story brought tears to my eyes. I often miss the good in a bad situation also. I guess that is something that we can all work a little harder on. Please keep posting more stories like this!! I love you sis, and I miss you guys more than ever! I really hope to see you and all the kids really soon!!!


  2. Hey Chas great Blog!! Even though we talk almost everyday you know I will still come check out your blog. You know I think you are a super MOM!! You can handel your 4 kids better then I can handel my 2 (LOL) that is why I always call you for advise. The Lord has blessed you with a wonderful family and many (and I mean many) talents. You know I love you!! TTYL


  3. Hey Chasity,
    I put in the website leading to your blog, marked it in my favorites, expecting to find a place to keep up with what's happening with David. I think I stumbled onto something more. Thank you for this story. It was a blessing I needed today. I suspect our husbands are alot alike, and we have more in common than I thought. I struggle with the same things, and it is usually my easy-going husband who reminds me what's important. He's away on business tonight and I was missing him. This story just reminded me how truly blessed I am. Thank you for that. You write beautifully. I'll be checking back with you often!

  4. Cool headed husbands are a sweet blessing from the Lord!! Sometimes I move so fast and want everything to work so efficiently that I miss precious memory making. I have been really moved by your story here. Learning how to slow yourself down to see the little burning bushes is so vital.

    Kelly J.