Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Ambitions

I'm working on my list of things I want to get done over the summer. I'm trying to be very realistic and trying to include things that have been needing to be done for a very long time. So, I quickly had to remove tasks like planting a garden and refinishing my kitchen cabinets because they just weren't priority.

1. Paint my bedroom (has been pending for about 7 years)

2. Paint my bathroom(see above)

3. Get floors put down in my bedroom and bathroom.

4. Get garage cleaned out (its a total disaster)

5. Get wisdom teeth removed (pending for about 12 years)

6. Get Invisalign, or at least get started with getting Invisalign.

7. Sew myself a dress

8. Lose 10 pounds.

9. Read at least one fiction book, a book purely for fun. I never do this.

10. Camp outside with my kids.

11. Go to the beach for at least a long weekend.

12. Host a mini summer camp with the cousins.

13. Have fun with my kids!

I love this list pulled together by Crystal. We'll try and complete a few of these activities as a family this summer as well!

2 Sweet Comments:

  1. you don't need to loose 10 lbs so you can scratch that one off your list!! Then again you may loose those ten pounds if you get those wisdom teeth pulled because you won't be able to eat anything!!

  2. Thanks, Shannon! Yeah, not looking forward to getting my wisdom teeth removed.