Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Shoe Shopping

Who doesn't love a new pair of shoes every now and then. I know I do. I love going shopping for shoes, love buying shoes, just love having shoes. I have passed that on to my 2 year old. Ava LOVES shoes. She will cry for a new pair of shoes at the store. And this morning she was treated to two new "treats".

Cecil is out of town, so I was dancing alone again this morning. Things were going very smoothly until it came time to put Ava's shoes on. They are always right there on the corner of the fireplace. The place we have kept them every day this school year. And we hadn't lost a pair yet...this was a big deal considering the number of morning we searched for shoes last year. Anyway, this morning her shoes weren't there. She has sandals, which she can't wear to school, and she has two other pairs that she can wear, but we only had one of each of those pairs.

Right about this time, Cecil texted me:
"Have a great first day back. Smile a bunch, have fun, and make everyone else smile. Love You."

I just love him:0)

My reply:
"Nothing like Monday morning shoe shopping to make me smile :0)"

So off we 6:30 in the buy shoes...all four kids in tow.

We made it to school a little late, but Ava was a happy camper... she got a new sparkly pink pair of shoes (which she is wearing right now) and a pair of light-up shoes, which I didn't know were light-up shoes until after we had bought them.

So Honey, hurry home...we miss you! and your missing all the excitement!

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