Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week we are all out of school for the Thanksgiving holidays. We have been keeping busy, and being productive. I have started on my homemade Christmas gifts and that is taking a lot of time. I can't wait to show pictures, but I'll wait just in case the recipients read this.

We are looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home this year. My family all went to Disney World. Yeah, I skipped out on that trip this year with all my little ones. So we were supposed to have dinner at Cecil's sister's house with his family, but her husband came down with the flu. So we will have our nice family dinner here at the house. Although, I don't know if that pumpkin pie on my counter will last until Thurs. now that I know I don't have to bring it anywhere. Speaking of pumpkin pie, I was dead set on making a homemade pie this year. So I ventured to the store with my list of pie ingredients, among those were nutmeg and ground cloves. Well, maybe I am just cheap, I prefer the term frugal, or wise steward, but I was not paying $5.00 for nutmeg and $8.00 for cloves. Especially when I will use it ONLY this one time all year. So I gave in and bought a pie for 3 bucks.

Have a wonderful, safe, Happy Thanksgiving all my friends!!

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